Are you tired of feeling disconnected and unfulfilled in your relationships? Do you find yourself repeating unhealthy patterns or attracting partners who are emotionally unavailable? Is it hard to fully step into a relationship or do you feel chronic fear while in a relationship? Then you likely struggle with insecure attachment patterns. Take this 4 week Secure Attachment Masterclass and learn invaluable tools to heal attachment wounds and help build secure relationships.

This isn’t an offer to teach you how to flirt, or how to write your profile, or “get them to notice you”. We will be working from the inside out. Our task is to elevate your ability to love and be loved, while setting out specific steps to make your next relationship a reality.

Does this sound like you?

  • I have so much to offer, but there are no good people left.
  • No one I meet wants a commitment, just casual sex.
  • Everyone I date turns out to be crazy.
  • I’ve gotten so hurt in the past, I don’t want to open myself up again.
  • Things move so fast during Covid and then I feel stuck with the wrong person.

If you are dating and not meeting any good matches


If you’re not dating and lost hope

This group offers the direction and motivation you need to shift your perspective, take different actions, and begin to see the results you truly want.

What you will work on in this group:

  • Identify and transform your current beliefs about dating and relationships; learn which ones are working for you and which are working against you
  • Grow your knowledge of your Inner Child and see how healing that younger part of yourself is the gateway to love and connection
  • Manage your mindset around love and relationships and learn the powerful connection between thoughts, feelings, actions and results
  • Discover your Attachment Style, how it impacts your dating behavior and your ability to connect with a secure partner
  • Create a comprehensive Dating Plan where you map out exactly what you are looking for and learn the steps to get it

I have two groups starting soon, one for those that identify as women and one for those that identify as men. Both groups will have a maximum of 6 people.

Men’s Group

Five Tuesdays
from 4:30PM-6PM PST
Starting April 13th


Women’s Group

Five Thursdays
from 4:30PM-6PM PST
Starting March 4th 


*If the group you want is full, email me and I will add you to the waiting list for the next group.

You are creating your life every minute of every day, whether you realize it or not. Make sure you are heading in the right direction, one that supports your highest good and that of all your relationships. If you are struggling with dating and meeting the right person, this is the group for you.

Still have questions? Feel free to message me here.