Attachment, put simply, is the emotional bonds experienced between people.

At birth, we are wired to create secure emotional bonds with our caregivers. When the environment around us is positive enough, and our caregivers can attune to our needs and keep us safe, we do. 

When it isn’t, we develop mental, emotional, and behavioral adaptations to protect ourselves from the pain. These become insecure attachment styles and can wreck havoc in our adult relationships.

But Insecure Attachment can be healed and that is what this masterclass is about.  

Imagine a future where you are attuned to your own needs and the needs of others. Where you feel calm and safe in a relationship. Where love doesn’t mean playing games, manipulation or a fear of being trapped.

Are you tired of feeling disconnected and unfulfilled in your relationships? Do you find yourself repeating unhealthy patterns or attracting partners who are emotionally unavailable? Is it hard to fully step into a relationship or do you feel chronic fear while in a relationship? Then you likely struggle with insecure attachment patterns.

What you’ll get in this 5 week

interactive masterclass:

Understand Attachment Styles: Gain necessary insights into your own attachment style and how it influences your relationships. Discover how to identify and navigate different attachment styles in your current relationship or with a future partner.

Learn What “Secure” Does: Find out specifically what Secure folks do and the nuts and bolts of how to show up securely in your relationships.

Practice How “Secure” Feels: Healing our attachment system is both a top-down (psycho-education) and bottom-up (somatic/body) process. This class will be packed full of  practical, somatic exercises that will assist in healing insecure attachment so you can actually FEEL more secure. (This means feeling  grounded when the person doesn’t call back, or the partner is upset, or the fear of abandonment gets loud)

Uncover Limiting Beliefs: There are often old beliefs that hold us back from feeling more secure. We will look at some of the major ones that add to our negative patterns.

In this masterclass, I will teach you invaluable tools to heal attachment wounds and learn how to show up more securely in all your relationships.

  • 4 – 90 minute masterclass sessions with me
  • 1 BONUS 90 minute integration session (5 weeks in total)
  • Deep dive into all 4 attachment styles and how they are impacting your intimate relationships
  • Somatic exercises that support your attachment system to heal and grow towards secure
  • All class exercises, resources, and interactive worksheets to practice over and over
  • Session replays – so even if you miss a classes, you can get the full benefit of the program

Each week will be chocked full of cutting edge tools from the newest attachment research and healing modalities.

Join us as we dive deep into the world of attachment styles and learn how to create secure attachment in yourself and in all your relationships. 

This 4 week masterclass (plus bonus integration session) is right for those committed to building next-level love and intimacy, either with their current partner, or a future one. If that sounds like you, sign up now.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn the tools to build your own secure attachment in an intimate and supportive environment. The investment for all 5 sessions plus all the materials is only $397.

This will be a small group with limited availability, so secure your spot now. And the only time this summer this masterclass will be offered.

Healthy Love: Building Secure Attachment starts on Wednesday July 12th at 4PM PST  (check your local time zone) and this class runs for 5 consecutive weeks with the integration session on August 9th.

And please know, even if you can’t make all the sessions live, watching the replay is just as powerful!

Join us now and make the commitment to build secure attachment. 

I look forward to seeing you there!

In love and service,