Are you ready to stop endlessly dating, and attract the person you’re super excited about – without settling or eternal swiping? Then this masterclass is for you!

Are you tired of wasting time and energy dating the wrong people? Do you find yourself repeatedly  attracting partners who are emotionally unavailable? Is it hard to  feel satisfied in a relationship? Or do you consistently feel suffocated  while in a relationship?

Join this Masterclass and learn invaluable tools to date more efficiently and effectively and work towards the secure relationship you really want.

Imagine a dating life filled with positivity, fun, and actual potential options . . . Where you go out with people who are trustworthy, appreciative and interested in getting to know YOU. This is all possible!

Without countless dates that go nowhere.

Without sacrificing your unique needs and must haves .

And without getting strung along by someone who’s not emotionally available or won’t commit.

Picture this : You’re on your fifth date with someone who makes you feel truly at ease. You’re able to be your authentic self. Mutual understanding and appreciation flow effortlessly. You’re enthusiastic about getting to know each other. Your goals and aspirations align. Even your differences serve mutual  growth.

What you’ll get in this 90-minute masterclass:

  • Craft your own Mindful Dating Blueprint, a magnetic force drawing in those who scream “YES!” and repelling ones who resonate “NO!”
  • Learn the 6 components essential for secure dating and what to avoid at all costs.
  • Master the art of graciously declining those who aren’t a good match, and swiftly moving forward.
  • Decode the telltale signs of a committed, available, and secure partner (or someone progressing toward it).
  • Delve into how attachment styles impact your dating journey and what secure dating actually looks like.

Attend the live masterclass and receive all the interactive worksheets for only $77.

(This is the only time I will be giving this masterclass at this price)

If you’re ready to end the repetitive pattern of picking the wrong partners and learn how to date for a secure, joyful, passionate, connected relationship, join this masterclass and  learn the steps to get there. 

Seating is limited so sign up now before the spots are filled.

A replay will be available after the Masterclass for the next 14 days. Even if you can’t attend live, you will get just as much from the replay as you do from the live event. 

We will meet on Zoom Saturday September 23rd at 9AM PST. (Check your time zone). Over the course of 90 minutes, we’ll work together towards a common aim: End the cycle of ceaseless dating and draw in the person who fills you with excitement—without settling or endless swiping.

I look forward to seeing you.

In love and service,