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…a Relationship Expert and Attachment Specialist

I help individuals and couples heal the past, break current patterns and create the peaceful, loving, connected relationships they want and need…

Well, I have a plan. It’s called Awakening Relationships. Together we WAKE UP your life and relationships so you can feel vibrant, loving, passionate and secure.

Are you ready to take charge of your relationships?

You can achieve the results you want in your life and your relationships. Working together, I help you ...
Every couple has challenges and relationships can be difficult, especially when we weren’t modeled healthy behavior growing up. ...
I offer Workshops, Masterclasses, and Group Sessions for individuals, couples and businesses. If you’re interested in an event, ...

Current Workshop

Are you tired of the same old relationship patterns that leave you feeling disconnected, anxious, or unfulfilled? Do you long for deeper, more meaningful connections with your current or potential partner? Then you may be ready to learn the tools to create the secure, loving relationships you desire. Join me for a dive deep into the world of creating secure attachment. We’ll meet on Zoom starting Thursday November 2nd at 4:30PM PST (check your time ...
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Free Resources

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