You must consider the wise and talented Rose Viggiano. I’ve been helped enormously with Rose’s sensitivity, thoughtfulness, humor and healing tools to augment everything from relationships to past traumas. I found her to be a trusted witness and she perceives permission to stand in those troubled spaces with you. Once the problem has been addressed, Rose brings in practical solutions that can transform your life. I highly recommend Rose for men as well as women of any age or background. Why? Because she helped me to see what I could not see. Thanks, Rose.

Brian D.

Rose legitimately changed my life. She has the best blend of being authentic, wise, relational, attuned, supportive, and compassionate. Simply put, Rose is a damn good coach! Rose constantly surprises me with the patterns she picks up on from a detail I mentioned months ago, and links it to my current topic. I have never worked with a therapist or coach who’s had that sharp and focused presence. Rose gave me tangible tasks and ways of working on my actual behavior that shifted my world drastically. It shifted the way I reacted to the person I was dating at the time. She has helped me see what I was contributing, so I could respond in a more mature and grounded way. She also helped me understand what to expect from different levels of relationships with friends and family. I realized I had unrealistic expectations of what certain people in my life could deliver. I trust Rose with anyone, and cannot recommend her enough! Thank you Rose!

Jessica T.

For several years I had been very unhappy, depressed and lost. Rose was so kind and gentle. We developed a trusting relationship and she always tells me the truth, even the hard truths that I don’t want to hear. I’ve learned, with lots of help and support, how to step out of an uncomfortable situation and do the learned Self Care that works for me. It has been a slow process of growth with lots of tears but it was worth it! I can now practice shifting that old destructive learned behavior into healthier behavior whenever I get tangled up. I am so grateful for Rose.

Jenny M.

Rose is one of the most kind, intelligent and empathetic human beings that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing in my life. Her calm demeanor and keen insight into my personal situation — as well into the human condition in general — is a welcome port in the storm every time we speak. I can’t recommend her highly enough for helping you get through whatever kind of crisis or challenging circumstance you may find yourself in, or even just to figure out who you are deep down and what you really want out of life.

David B.

There aren’t enough words to convey how grateful I am to be working with my amazing coach, Rose. Prior to working with her I had been in various 12-step programs which was/is helpful, and seeing a therapist, too. However, it’s only until I started working with Rose did I see an immense change in my emotions, behavior, and the ability to identify why my I’m being activated and where it is coming from. Like any self-help, it takes a lot of courage, willingness and patience to look at yourself and want to change, but it is so worth it. I would not have been able to get to where I am emotionally today without Rose’s guidance. She is understanding, helpful, non-judgmental and offers levity to boot which is necessary when you’ve hit bottom. I encourage anyone to try this process if you are willing to dare greatly. You won’t regret it!

Jenn C.


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