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Individual Session

We all have ideas about what we want in our lives and for our relationships. Sometimes those things naturally appear, but often they require specific focus, work and the right tools.

This means making a shift from old patterns of thinking, adjusting certain behaviors that are holding you back, healing past hurts, and learning new skills that will support you journey.

From that place, all the relationships in your life will transform. Some will get closer, some farther, but they will all be for your highest good.

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Working One-on-One with a Relationship Coach

Our work will be guided by your specific needs and getting you where you want to be.
Here’s some examples of the areas we may focus on together with me as your relationship coach:

Grasp what healthy boundaries really are and how to set and keep them, even during difficult situations

Practice rock-solid communication skills that help you get what you need, while still staying in relationship with others

Get to know and work to heal the old wounds that cause you pain and might be standing in the way of experiencing a sense of security

Increase your self love and self-care through a grounded set of principles and tools

Identify your Attachment Style, and the role Attachment plays in your relationships

Manage and resolve issues with your partner

Revolutionize how you date with my effective and efficient dating plan that gets you off the apps and meeting real people with potential

Learn to show up more securely in all your relationships

Whether you are currently in a partnership, taking time to be solo, or ready to date, you can benefit from working with me as your Relationship Coach. No matter your race, sexuality, gender identity, religion, preferred relationship structure, or current life situations, you are welcomed in my practice. Together we’ll identify where you want your relationships to go, and the steps to get there.

If you are looking to date, I will take you through the conscious dating process it took me years to create. I can help you approach dating in a brand new way, and teach you the practical techniques and actionable steps to call in a healthy, fulfilling relationship. Answer the questions below and I’ll contact you for a free initial consultation. During the consultation I will hear a bit about your unique situation and answer any questions you have. If we move forward from there, we will meet on zoom either weekly or bi-weekly. Group sessions, couples sessions, and workshops are also available.

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Interested in working with me?

Hi and thanks for being here. Please answer these questions so I can learn a bit about your unique situation and get an initial sense if we might be a good fit together. Once I receive them, I will email you and set a time to connect. I look forward to meeting with you.

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