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Couples Session

What You Can Gain from Couples Coaching Sessions

Every couple has challenges. This is normal. The trick is, how do you deal with them? Without the right tools, challenges develop into problems, and don’t go away. Consistent problems create deep resentments, and drive a wedge between you two in ways that impact your happiness together and even threaten your future.

Partnerships are not easy, especially if we weren’t modeled healthy relationship behaviors growing up. But there is a solution.

Through our couples coaching sessions, you will both develop a deeper understanding of your relationship triggers, including “why” you get so upset. We’ll identify the negative cycles you two get into, how they start, where they lead, and most importantly, how to stop them! You’ll learn the tools you need to overcome the negative cycles and return to the secure connection you both want and need.

How We’ll Work Together

With couples coaching, our first job is to figure out where we are headed with a clear vision of the relationship you two want to create. Your new relationship vision will include every aspect of your lives together and become a true North for creating a secure relationship.

Here’s some examples of what we might work on together in our couples coaching sessions:

Create a shared vision of everything that’s important to your partnership, This might include your values and beliefs, lifestyle choices, parenting styles, intimacy goals, financial lives, social connections, home life, and communication.

Learn a transformative communication method that will change how you talk to each other AND how listen.

Stop the negative cycles which have you in an endless loop of frustration, sadness and disconnection.

Learn about Attachment Styles and how your attachment styles impact your lives and the way you two relate.

Repair past harms, both small and big.

Increase your present-day knowledge of your partner, fostering compassion, empathy, and understanding.

Learn what a secure relationship looks like, and the specific behaviors and tools you can both start using today to build one.

Support your individual and collective passions.

Enhance your intimacy and pump-up your sex life.

I love working with couples. Many of my couples coaching clients report back that after working with me, their partnership has a new sense of joy, playfulness, connection, intimacy and trust. All things I love to hear!

I work with both couples in trouble and couples that want to go from having a “good enough” relationship, to a great one.

I’m excited to get started with you. Answer the questions below and I will email you to meet for a free consultation. We will discuss some of your unique challenges and identify ways to move forward. If it’s a good fit, all sessions are over zoom and I generally meet with clients either weekly or bi-weekly.

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Interested in working with me?

Hi and thanks for being here. Please answer these questions so I can learn a bit about your unique situation and get an initial sense if we might be a good fit together. Once I receive them, I will email you and set a time to connect. I look forward to meeting with you.

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