Every couple has challenges and relationships can be difficult, especially when we weren’t modeled healthy behavior growing up. We will work together to resolve conflicts and foster healing by shifting present and future behavior. Through our work you will develop a deeper understanding of your relationship triggers, “why” you get so bent, and learn the tools you need to overcome them and return to the positive feelings you started out with. 

Every successful business has vision, and that’s what we will create for your relationship. Your new relationship vision will enhance every aspect of your lives together from your communication to your sex life to your individual and collective passions. Many of my couples cite an increase in their feelings of joy, playfulness, attraction and comfort in the relationship. 

I work with both couples in trouble and couples that want to go from having a “good enough” relationship, to a great one.  I’m excited to get started with you. Schedule a time below when you can both show up for a consultation. We will discuss some of your unique challenges and identify ways to move forward. 

Interested in working with me?

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