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Jessica T.

    Rose legitimately changed my life. She has the best blend of being authentic, wise, relational, attuned, supportive, and compassionate. Simply put, Rose is a damn good coach! Rose constantly surprises me with the patterns she picks up on from a detail I mentioned months ago, and links it to my current topic. I have never worked with a therapist or coach who’s had that sharp and focused presence. Rose gave me tangible tasks and ways of working on my actual behavior that shifted my world drastically. It shifted the way I reacted to the person I was dating at the time. She has helped me see what I was contributing, so I could respond in a more mature and grounded way. She also helped me understand what to expect from different levels of relationships with friends and family. I realized I had unrealistic expectations of what certain people in my life could deliver. I trust Rose with anyone, and cannot recommend her enough! Thank you Rose!