This word keeps coming up in relation to what we are all going through right now and it’s worth a closer look. Defined, resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. It’s also the ability to spring back into shape; elasticity. In other words, grit. Resilience is not born, it’s developed. Through trials and pains and ultimate victories through struggle.

Imagine all the hard things you’ve already gone through in your life. Remember what you had to do to overcome them. Consider how lost you may have felt, perhaps even hopeless. You had no idea that any good would come out of those times.

But some good did come out of it. And you rose and grew and were more prepared than ever the next time something came up. This can be the same way. You can find ways to rise and meet this. And you may currently have no idea what good will come. But if you recall how many other things you’ve overcome, you will know in your heart you can do that again, right now.

Sending big love and light. This was our weekend activity. Rock painting.

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