What are you doing or not doing with your days at home? Where are you at with your personal task list? Are you satisfied with the amount you are getting done?

It’s easy to slip into thinking we are “not enough” or not “doing enough” or doing it “wrong”. Many people online are seeming to cope well and be really productive, offering up their services with a smile. Are you using that as further proof that you aren’t enough? 

If you are habitually hard on ourselves and rarely satisfied with what you accomplish, that isn’t going to change just because there is a Pandemic. The negative self talk of the mind doesn’t want you to go easy on yourself. It wants to continue the pattern of punishment it’s accustomed to.

For this one day, or even this hour, can you treat yourself as you would a cherished friend? Can you forgive yourself for being affected by the current climate? Can you allow yourself to simply do what you are doing and know that it’s the best you can for today? 

Are you willing to love yourself no matter what? Even though you are far from perfect. Even though it’s not how you want it to be. Even if others judge you. You still love yourself fully and act on that.

Sending love and peace…

Rose Viggiano

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