(Co-Written by my 8 year old daughter Orianna)

  1. Call a friend and genuinely ask how they are doing. Then listen without comment or trying to solve it for them.
  2. Share a great book you just read and loved.
  3. Give your family surprise hugs.
  4. Organize a dance party. Create a 15 minute playlist, text a few friends, all meet online and dance to your playlist.
  5. Say hello to someone you pass during your daily walk.
  6. Smile, a lot. Smile at others, smile at yourself in the mirror.
  7. Make a small donation to a cause you believe in.
  8. Offer to take on another family members chores for the week.
  9. Send a letter to a current or past teacher expressing your appreciation.
  10. Organize a video coffee date or happy hour with a few friends.
  11. Make your family or Neighbor a special meal.
  12. Call an elderly family member you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  13. If a family member or friend is in a bad mood, don’t take it personally and get bent out of shape.Allow people to have their own experiences right now and don’t make it about you.
  14. Read a positive message, daily devotional, uplifting writing, or prayer to a friend.
  15. Pray for others, in whatever way that feels right to you. It can be simply a message of health, peace, prosperity, and love out to the world. Good feelings are the best way to get and stay healthy.
  16. Get your friend group or church or recovery group together on zoom or FaceTime.
  17. Cook a little extra food to share.
  18. Write a list of 10 things you appreciate about someone in your life and tell them.
  19. Offer to “virtually babysit “for your friends kids.
  20. Share your talents for free. Write a song, read a poem or a story, teach something you know about.
  21. Pick up extra food or supplies for an elderly neighbor.
  22. If you buy takeout food, leave a generous tip.
  23. Help someone pay for their groceries.
  24. Put together bags to donate from your home.
  25. Give away a roll of toilet paper or a bottle of hand sanitizer.

Sending out so much love,

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