I am going to die. So are you. Everything and everyone we know right now will be dead…soon. It may be in a number of years. And it may be today. I could die today. So could you.

Death is the number one reality of life. It is the thing none can elude or escape. It is happening each and every day, all around us. Right now we are all getting closer to the moment we exhale for the last time and no inhale is waiting.

Knowing this, what changes do you need to make in your life? Are there patterns you are ready to shift? Are there people you are prepared to let go of? What can you focus your mind on today that will strengthen your spirit? What needs to change?

There is an opportunity right now during this Pandemic, when death is so apparent, when we are all sheltered at home (or should be) to really understand our mortality. Most people deny this and spend their lives focused on getting the material things that make them feel safe and secure. But none of us are safe from death. And knowing that to our core, is in fact the ultimate freedom. Once I really get that I could die today, I start living without the attachment to this world and all it’s many distractions. Things become crystal clear. I can truly embody compassion for others and for myself. I can love freely without concern for what I receive back. I can release the need for more and be satisfied with what is.

Peace and love…

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