When we are distressed, it’s easy to look for someone to blame. Our ego mind and lower human nature wants to make someone or something responsible for the discomfort we are feeling.

It’s important to remember that the people or circumstances we are mad at most likely didn’t create the reasoning for our strong reactions. Those were experiences we had long ago. Love we didn’t get or guidance and support that wasn’t there or criticism that came too often.

When we forgive someone else for a perceived wrong we free ourselves from being bonded to negativity. It actually makes our life better to forgive them.

This doesn’t mean we allow people to treat us poorly. We can forgive another and still not let that behavior continue. It means we forgive them and release them. We love ourselves too much to make ourselves victims to the wrong people.

Most things in life we can not control. We are seeing that reality in spades right now. However, I can control my reactions and how much I hold on to anger and resentment.

Who can you forgive today? When we hold onto anger towards another it blocks our connection to them and to our own serenity.

Is it YOU that you need to forgive? What can you be gentle with yourself about today? How can you tell yourself that it’s “good enough”?

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