The Art of Picking Your Partner: I’m bringing together a small group of highly motivated single females and non-binary folks who are beyond ready to stop picking the wrong people to date and start picking their future partner.


Healthy Love Dating Masterclass

Are you ready to stop endlessly dating, and attract the person you’re super excited about – without settling or eternal swiping? Then this masterclass is for you! I’m bringing together a group of motivated single folks who are ready to stop picking the wrong people to date and start picking their future partner.

…Without countless dates that go nowhere

…Without sacrificing your unique needs and must haves

…and without getting strung along by folks that won’t commit or are not emotionally available. We’re going to be laser focused for you to stop picking the wrong folks and start picking the right ones.

During our time together… 

  • You’ll create a rock solid dating plan that will draw in fuck yes partners and repel fuck no partners.
  • You’ll deactivate dating triggers (what?!) so you don’t get hijacked by fight/flight/freeze and instead have fun on dates and feel more free to be yourself 
  • You’ll feel confident to start saying no to folks that aren’t a fit and move on…quickly!
  • You’ll learn to spot a partner who is committed, available and secure (or working towards it) and install a radar for  unavailability
  • You’ll see how your attachment style is actually driving you to pick incompatible partners and transition to behaviors that get you who you want 

And what’s really awesome about this? You’ll be held in a safe container with an intimate group of other people who get what you’re going through (cuz they’re going through it too), don’t judge you, and accept you for who you are. 

But the deepest gift is…

But the deepest gift is you’ll start to experience a profound shift in how you feel about yourself. Your self-esteem takes a hit each time you pick the wrong person or are let down by a harmful relationship. 

You’ll learn to prioritize your own care and well-being, let go of old beliefs, and begin to show up in your dating life in a completely new, nourishing, liberated way. 

The Art of Picking Your Partner is an action-oriented, immersive, intimate group coaching container focused on:

  1. Ending the repetitive pattern of picking the wrong partners so you can build a secure, joyful, connected life with the right person and fill it with connection, understanding, and juicy intimacy.
  2. Expanding your ability to have your voice, get your needs met, and practice self-care using a *very* simple set of tools that create massive shifts in a short timeframe.

Applications open until June 10th. Group opens the following week. 

*This is a high-touch, intimate group. Spots are very limited.