Healthy Love Dating Masterclass: Are you ready to stop endlessly dating, and attract the person you’re super excited about – without settling or eternal swiping? Then this masterclass is for you!

Are you tired of feeling disconnected and unfulfilled in your relationships? Do you find yourself repeating unhealthy patterns or attracting partners who are emotionally unavailable? Is it hard to fully step into a relationship or do you feel chronic fear while in a relationship? Then you likely struggle with insecure attachment patterns. Take this 4 week Secure Attachment Masterclass and learn invaluable tools to heal attachment wounds and help build secure relationships.

Without countless dates that go nowhere.

Without sacrificing your unique needs and must haves and without getting strung along by someone who’s not emotionally available or won’t commit.

Imagine creating a dating life filled with positivity, fun, and actual potential options… Where you go out with people who feel safe, appreciative and interested in getting to know YOU. This is all possible for you!

In fact, picture this You’re ready to go out on a 5th date with someone who you feel really good around. You can be yourself. You feel understood and appreciated. You feel excited to get to know all the parts of them. You two want the same types of things. And the ways in which you are different will serve to grow and nurture you both, and the relationship.

What you’ll get at this 3 hour masterclass:

• Build your own Conscious Dating Plan that will draw in HELL yes partners and repel HELL no partners!

• Learn the 6 elements that are crucial for successful dating and what to avoid at all costs

• Understand how to start saying no to folks that aren’t a good fit and move on…quickly!

• Identify the signs of a partner who is committed, available and secure (or working towards it) and install a radar for unavailability

• Get to know how your attachment style may be impacting your dating success

Get the interactive workshop, all the worksheets
and the replay for only $147

If you’re ready to end the repetitive pattern of picking the wrong partners and instead take steps to build a secure, joyful, passionate, connected relationship, join my workshop and let me share with you what I’ve learned.

The masterclass will be recorded so if you miss any or leave early, We gotcha.

Seating is limited so sign up now before the spots are filled.

We will meet on Zoom Saturday February 25th at 10AM PST. (Check your time zone) and work together for about 3 hours. Remember Our Goal: Stop endlessly dating, and attract the person you’re super excited about –without settling or eternal swiping.

I look forward to seeing you there.

In love and service,