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Secure Love: Mastering the Art of Mindful Dating

Do any of these sound like you?

People are more interested in swiping than actually getting to know someone.

Everyone I meet is either emotionally unavailable or just not interested in anything serious.

I just want someone who values honesty, respect, and genuine connection. Why is that so hard to find?

I’m not sure why but I freeze up on dates and it’s hard to be myself.

Then join me for a 3 hour workshop that will change the way you approach dating and relationships forever. Learn the invaluable insights, practical techniques and actionable steps to call in a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

If you’re tired of wasting time and energy dating the wrong people. And you find yourself repeatedly attracting partners who are emotionally unavailable. Or it’s hard to feel satisfied in a relationship.

Then join Secure Love: Mastering the Art of Mindful Dating and learn to date more efficiently and effectively towards the secure relationship you really want.

Imagine a Dating Life where you:

Meet trustworthy, appreciative individuals interested in getting to know the real you

Ditch the endless dates that lead nowhere

Hold onto your unique needs and must-haves without compromise

Avoid being strung along by emotionally unavailable partners

What’s in store for you at this Masterclass:

  • Craft Your Mindful Dating Blueprint: Create a magnetic force that attracts partners who are not just a match but ready to step into a true partnership.
  • Navigate Secure Dating: Uncover the 6 essential components crucial for secure dating, and what to avoid at all costs.
  • Decline with Grace: Master the art of graciously declining mismatches, making room for the right one to step into your life.
  • Decode Partner Potential: Discover the telltale signs of a committed, available, and secure partner, guiding you toward a lasting connection.
  • Explore Your Attachment Style: Delve into the impact of your attachment style on your dating journey, gaining valuable insights for self-discovery.
  • Limited Seats Available: Join me on Zoom Saturday, February 10th, at 9AM PST (check your time zone). Let’s work together for 3 hours to end the cycle of ceaseless dating and draw in the person who fills you with excitement—without settling or endless swiping.
  • I’m excited to see you there! Sign up now before the spots are filled.

A replay will be available after the Masterclass for the next 14 days. Even if you can’t attend live, you will get just as much from the replay as you do from the live event.

We will meet on Zoom Saturday February 10th at 9AM PST. (Check your time zone). The investment for this workshop, including all materials, is only $147. During our three hours together we will work towards ending the cycle of ceaseless dating and draw in the person who fills you with excitement—without settling or endless swiping.

I look forward to seeing you.
In love and service,